September 2016- Alone, not lonely

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Alone, not lonely

Are you someone who dreads the end of the day because you know you’ll be at home, sat alone, with no one to keep you company? Does the idea of being alone instantly fill you with fear? Many people hate being alone. It can reconfirm ideas of not being liked enough by others, being the bottom of others priority lists and can lead to long sessions of self-criticism, self-pity and self-loathing. The dictionary definition of lonely is ‘sad because one has no friends or company’. The dictionary definition of alone is ‘having no one else present; on one’s own’. You may be on your own but you do no need to dwell in loneliness! If you see your time alone as ‘me time’ it can become an enjoyable and sought after time. Try seeing being alone as a chance to check in with yourself; your goals your desires, your progress. Try seeing being alone as a time to do things you really enjoy without interruption; reading, crafts, listening to music, watching your favourite TV show, catching up on much needed sleep. Just because you do not have people with you 24/7 it does not mean you have no friends or that your friends don’t really like you. Maybe when you find yourself with time on your hands and no plans to fill that time being with others, it is because they are too busy enjoying their alone time! Start to think about the ways you can fill your alone time with things that make you happy and you may just start to enjoy it!

‘You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with’ -Dr Wayne Dyer

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